Friday, September 25, 2009

Activity Days: Grooming & Hygiene

This week for Activity Days we talked about personal hygiene & grooming. First of all we had a skit where we had one leader dressed nicely and all clean and the other leader was a wreck, hair and all. I got to be the messy leader. Then the girls picked out items from a basket and we discussed their use and the importance of our appearance. We finished off with manicures and pedicures plus a healthy snack. The girls loved painting each others nails!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Activity Days: Paper Heart Attack

We needed to complete some type of service activity and my original plan was to pick up trash on the streets of the neighborhood or local park and then do ice cream in a bag but it was way too hot! I went with a paper heart attack, this is where you cut out paper hearts and write messages to the person you will be attacking. We chose the primary presidency in which we thanked them for all their hard work. We also made rice crispy treats which we left at their doorsteps and covered their doors with the paper hearts, then we knocked on the door and ran. The girls enjoyed all the work but really struggled leaving the rice crispy treats. We had to send them back after knocking at each house because they kept walking off with the treats instead of leaving them on the porch. It was rather silly of them! They enjoyed a rice crispy treat after.