Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Activity Day Ideas: Stocking Making Party

This idea is from: http://nacjmac.blogspot.com/2008/12/primary-fun.html

We had a fun stocking making party for the Activity Days girls at my house and made 35 stockings that we are filling and taking to a local clinic for needy families. We are excited to take them, and the girls had a lot of fun making them.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Activity Day Ideas: Mother Daughter Luau

This came from : http://rvdeming.blogspot.com/2008/09/activity-days-fun.html

On Sept 5th we had a mother daughters Hawaiian themed day for our activity. We played some hula hoop race games, some beach ball volleyball games. Then we sat and snacked while we had some getting to know you game between the moms and daughters. Here are some that I did.
We made these book marks and then had the moms and daughters sign this Pact...
I believe all of the girls and mothers had fun. I took pictures of all of them and then with photo shop put them into some Hawaii scenes and then got them printed at Costco for the girls. They decorated a picture frame for the pictures. They each had all 4 sunset scenes so they could choose which they wanted to frame.

Activity Day Ideas: Light of Christ

This idea is from http://evansfactor.blogspot.com/2008/10/activity-days-needing-light.html

The elders taught a little lesson to the girls. It was the week before General Conference, and they were referring to the direction we would be given, but I think we can apply it to us everyday! They gave the girls each 2 pieces of paper. The first piece of paper, was for a paper airplane. They gave them specific instructions on how to make the airplane, and the girls listened very carefully, and followed them.

When they were through with the first one, the elders said, "Now, close your eyes, and make the same airplane with the other piece of paper". The girls did the best they could. Of course it was more difficult doing it in the dark. Of course everything we do in life is easier when we have the Light of Christ. The missionaries are so awesome! We all loved the lesson.
The best part was flying the airplanes!!! These girls are such a BLAST! I love them to death!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Activity Days: Journals

Today was our first official Activity Days activity for the 8-9 year old girls. We decorated journals with lots of accessories: stickers, paper, paint, markers, gems, foam letters and more. The girls really enjoyed being able to decorate just for them. I also gave them a book mark with ideas of what to write in their journals. They pasted them to the inside cover. Click on this link from the theideadoor.com: http://www.theideadoor.com/PDF%20Files/Printables/Journal%20Prompts%20bookmark.pdf I found this article called Keeping a journal on the Idea Door also: http://www.theideadoor.com/PDF%20Files/Printables/Keeping%20a%20Journal.pdf

My Father’s Journal; a true story.
A man died unexpectedly. A few weeks after the funeral, his daughter was helped her mother go through his things. While cleaning out the closet she came across his journal. She was so excited to find something that her father had written. What had he said about her? She sat down on the bed, eager to read about his life. She lifted the leather cover to her face and smelled the musty aroma from being in the closet so long. Then she opened the journal; it contained only blank pages. He father hadn’t written one word of his life. She cried with disappointment.

*What is a journal? *Why should we keep a journal? *Who needs to keep a journal?
*What is the difference between a journal and a diary? *Where can I keep my journal so that no one will read it? *What if my handwriting is REALLY messy? Do I still have to keep a journal? *What if my life is REALLY boring, what do I write in my journal?

o If you are a perfectionist – lower your standards. Keeping a record of you life is the goal – nothing more, nothing less.
o Set a goal – Once a week, twice a week, or everyday. If you go a few days, weeks or months without writing, then pick up your journal and write a short entry. Sunday is a wonderful day to write in your journal, reflecting upon the sacrament, the talks, testimonies and lessons.
o Be honest in your writing.
o Write what is in your heart – not what you think other people expect from you. This is private writing where sorrows and worries can be aired. It is also a place where God can talk to you through your writing.
o Remember the details - date each entry & number pages.
o Take your journal to General Conference, vacations, or other situations where you will have time to make entries.
o Use first and last names when writing about individuals. Identify important locations and people in your entry.
o Forget about: Punctuation & spelling – just do the best you can. Sounding righteous, amazing, or perfect. Selling the rights of your journal for a TV movie.

Items to include in your journal
*Important events, impressions, personal feelings.
*Talks you have written, inspiration you have received, the annual family Christmas letter Personal counsel, promises, blessings received and circumstances surround them.
*Deaths, births, marriages, baptisms, endowments, temple service
*Personal triumphs, failures, challenges and how you handled them
*Current local, national, and world events that impact your life.
*Simple daily occurrences.
*Poems and stories
*Dreams, goals, plans for your future.

Remember – your journals are the field research for you personal history. Expect it to be at times chaotic, boring, inspiring, sad, and joyous with some spelling and grammar errors. Enjoy the journey!
Everyone’s journal is different because everyone’s life is different. There is no right or wrong way to keep a journal. The only mistake you can make with your journal is NOT to write in it!

The girls seemed to enjoy themselves. I served punch & cookies for treat. It seemed to go over very well!