Thursday, December 11, 2008

Activity Day Ideas: Light of Christ

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The elders taught a little lesson to the girls. It was the week before General Conference, and they were referring to the direction we would be given, but I think we can apply it to us everyday! They gave the girls each 2 pieces of paper. The first piece of paper, was for a paper airplane. They gave them specific instructions on how to make the airplane, and the girls listened very carefully, and followed them.

When they were through with the first one, the elders said, "Now, close your eyes, and make the same airplane with the other piece of paper". The girls did the best they could. Of course it was more difficult doing it in the dark. Of course everything we do in life is easier when we have the Light of Christ. The missionaries are so awesome! We all loved the lesson.
The best part was flying the airplanes!!! These girls are such a BLAST! I love them to death!!!

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