Friday, June 12, 2009

Activity Days: Making Posters

We had all the girls bring their scriptures to activity days. We fulfilled Learning & Living the Gospel #3: Mark these verses about the Holy Ghost in your scriptures: John 14:16-17, 2 Nephi 32:5, and Moroni 10:5. We also discussed the different ways the Holy Chost can help our lives. We made posters to represent the different areas of Activity Days:

Learning & Living the Gospel
Serving Others
Developing Talents
Preparing for Young Womens

The girls were excited to decorate the posters to be displayed at Recognition Night. Once were done with Recognition Night we can move on to the next fun things! I also made some fun sugar cookies for the girls to eat when we finished up.

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Karen (McCown) Young said...

Hi there - great ideas! I was hoping you could email me the full file size of the clip art you've shown. I tried copying and pasting but the quality didn't transfer when I tried to make it a bigger print. I can't find it anywhere else and would love to use it as binder covers for the girls to color. Thanks! karenmareeyoung at msn dot com If possible please don't post my addy